Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2016-RC0: HiDPI + Linux

On Tue, 12 Jan 2016, Corey Richardson wrote:

Isabelle/jEdit with this release still doesn't work very well with "HiDPI"
screens on Linux. For example, I've attached a screenshot of Isabelle/jEdit in
front of a terminal. My screen is 3200x1800. It's quite difficult to use,
although turning up the font size in the editor as I've done helps somewhat.
The larger text in the image I consider comfortable but small, whereas the
smaller text is near unreadable.

I realize this is more of a platform/jdk concern -- I found and, which are slated for
inclusion in the JDK9. However, if a workaround were possible in
Isabelle/jEdit, I would appreciate it.

That is an interesting article about ongoing work on Java 9. I estimate that Oracle will require 1-2 more years to make Java 9 practically available for everyone. For Isabelle2016 we are shipping Java 8 for the first time, and I am still hoping for further consolidation next week.

As I am using a 3840x2160 display myself since Dec-2014, I've spent a lot of time during last year to make jEdit 5.3.0 work properly with that. This is used for Isabelle2016-RC0, and its NEWS file advertizes improved 4K display support explicitly.

These changes are mainly relevant for Windows 7, 8.1, 10, due to the way the system DPI configuration is applied to its native GUI in AWT/Swing.

For Linux, the approach to GUI scaling works the same for Isabelle2015 and Isabelle2016, as described in the Isabelle/jEdit manual section "2.1.2 Displays with very high resolution". The manual is not yet updated in Isabelle2016-RC0, so the text and the screenshot is still that of Isabelle2015. Your screenshot shows Linux with Metal look&feel, so this should definitely work as described.

Just yesterday, I've updated the screenshots for the coming release. See as a proof that the rendering quality did not change with the (scalable) Metal look&feel.

Personally, I am often using GTK look&feel, with GTK's own font and GUI scaling. But that depends on so many other side-conditions, that I don't dare to make it the default.


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