Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2016-RC0: HiDPI + Linux

On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 03:35:46PM +0100, Makarius wrote:
> How did you figure that out?  The ANNOUNCE and NEWS files mention that, but
> the Isabelle/jEdit documentation still needs updating.  There is also the
> standard question how much documentation people actually read.

I am embarrassed to admit I have not read that much documentation yet for this
release, and only slightly more for Isabelle2015.

> My hope and my guess is that looking closely at the default startup GUI of
> Isabelle/jEdit should make it clear to experienced users how to arrange
> these windows in a way they see fit.

I did find it easy to click around until I got what I thought was closer to
the layout I use with Isabelle2015 on my desktop (with a more traditional
display), though I had not yet achieved it.

In general my experience with Isabelle/jEdit has been very positive. The only
issue I have had with it previously is trying to use a custom font but still
have symbols from IsabelleText. I found a previous thread about this feature:

and decided to just use IsabelleText, as it is acceptable.


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