Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2016-RC0: HiDPI + Linux

On Wed, 13 Jan 2016, Corey Richardson wrote:

In general my experience with Isabelle/jEdit has been very positive. The only issue I have had with it previously is trying to use a custom font but still have symbols from IsabelleText. I found a previous thread about this feature:

and decided to just use IsabelleText, as it is acceptable.

Since then I have applied most of the patches by Rafal Kolanski that are in my immediate area of responsibility. The main changes for jEdit font management are still missing, though. And I have lost track of the precise status of this affair.

My conclusion so far: instead of a partial solution with jEdit font replacement (which excludes other GUI elements), it is better to operate on the TrueType fonts directly, using the Python API of fontforge. See also

For someone who is proficient in Python, it should be easy to make a script that draws the mathematical symbols from IsabelleText, and everything else from some standard fonts (the default is "DejaVu Sans Mono").

This would also open possibilities for Isabelle fonts with proportional letters, italic versions etc.

Note that the math symbols in IsabelleTextBold are merely produced algorithmically from the ones of IsabelleText, using some standard operation of fontforge to "Change Weight".


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