[isabelle] new in the AFP: Cardinality of Number Partitions

The first AFP entry for 2016 is now online:


 This entry provides a basic library for number partitions, defines the
 two-argument partition function through its recurrence relation and relates
 this partition function to the cardinality of number partitions. The main
 proof shows that the recursively-defined partition function with arguments
 n and k equals the cardinality of number partitions of n with exactly k parts.
 The combinatorial proof follows the proof sketch of Theorem 2.4.1 in
 Mazur's textbook `Combinatorics: A Guided Tour`. This entry can serve as
 starting point for various more intrinsic properties about number partitions,
 the partition function and related recurrence relations.

Many thanks to Lukas Bulwahn for this contribution!


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