Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2016-RC0: cvc4 crashing

Dear Eugene,

> Just a quick note to mention I am experiencing fairly frequent
> crashes of cvc4 using stock Isabelle2016-RC0 on Ubuntu 14.04.
> FWIW, below is the initial text part of the "whoopsie" file.
> The cvc4 on Isabelle2015 also exhibited crashes, but not on this
> machine, as far as I know.

What would help me the most would be a CVC4 problem file. You can get it by writing

	sledgehammer [overlord]

and picking up the file "~/.isabelle/prob_cvc4.smt_in".

I might need additional information later, but for the moment let's see if I can reproduce the crash on one of my machines.



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