Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2016-RC1 -- untidy stack trace output generated

On Fri, 15 Jan 2016, Eugene W. Stark wrote:

In trying Isabelle2016-RC1 on Ubuntu 14.04, I happened to notice that if I
launch Isabelle, then "X it" to close the window without having done
anything else, I see the stack trace below printed on the console.

This should be the same in the past few Isabelle releases. The process startup and shutdown phase is not free from race conditions. Bad things can happen when the shutdown follows too quickly during unfinished startup. You should wait a few more seconds.

As this stack trace is generated by Isabelle itself (rather than being
something generated by a Java/Swing issue) it seems that perhaps in
the interests of tidiness it should not be.

This is correct, but it looks like normal Java vomit to users, so I did not assign it as high a priority as e.g. a deadlock on startup/shutdown, which also happened in the past. jEdit produces so many regular Java exception traces in normal operation, that it easily hides such tiny extra bits.

Note that the main application does not show such traces by default, because there is no visible console. For Isabelle2016, the desktop application has become again a bit more smooth: single-instance and drag-and-drop uniformly on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X.

Moreover there is the separate command-line tool "isabelle jedit_client" to connect to the running application, see the Isabelle/jEdit manual that I have just updated for Isabelle2016-RC1 (until page 24).


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