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On 19/01/2016 12:24, bnord wrote:
Am 19.01.16 um 12:15 schrieb Jasmin Blanchette:
Larry wrote:
With the latest models, the screen has very high resolution, but one canât
read microscopic fonts. Laptops are still widely used, I think.
Irrespective of this, even on a station, I find that it's easier to move my
eyes up and down than left and right.

And when faced with a long goal, one surely wants to avoid wrapping as much as
possible. This means taking the full screen width, not just half of it.
I second both points, also the vertical alignment allows you to scroll the main
buffer to a position where you have the relevant part of your proof script only
an inch away from the output, which is not possible in the horizontal alignment
where you always have to move your eyes over the entire screen width.

This ability to align text in both buffers and compare it is what I find most useful.



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