Re: [isabelle] Dockable panels

Am 19.01.16 um 13:46 schrieb Makarius:
Now we are back to the more fundamental question if anybody reads documentation at all. There should probably be also a video presentation.
Dear Makarius,

the documentation is really well done and I relay appreciate the amount of work you put into it!

However the honest answer is probably that only a very small percentage will "look into" the documentation and an even smaller percentage of those people will actually "read it"t. This doesn't mean that the documentation is bad or unnecessary, but we've all been educated to expect software (especially GUIs) to work intuitively and be able to get it to do what we want by try and error and only refer to the documentation if we really care and can't get it done otherwise, which, for most other software, leads to disappointment, because, if the developer didn't put effort into making things intuitive, he often also didn't put effort into documenting them.

I personally dislike video presentations, because it's hard to figure out whether they cover what you're interested in, without actually watching them and then they're often either too slow or too fast.


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