Re: [isabelle] Dockable panels

Makarius wrote:

> Nobody is forced to use that default.  It is just for people who don't look closely by themselves.
> Changing these things is rather trivial, and actually explained in the Isabelle/jEdit manual (with an explicit reference to the jEdit documentation).
> Now we are back to the more fundamental question if anybody reads documentation at all.

You asked a few emails ago:

> Can you provide reasons for that suggestion [changing the default position]?

And now we give you reasons for changing the default (in Isabelle, not on our machines), and you tell us we should read the documentation. There is a disconnect between what you asked for, what you got from us, and how you reacted to it.

I am not adamant about how Isabelle's default should be -- nobody seems to be on this list, as long as there is a way to override it.


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