Re: [isabelle] Dockable panels

On Tue, 19 Jan 2016, Jasmin Blanchette wrote:

Can you provide reasons for that suggestion [changing the default position]?

And now we give you reasons for changing the default (in Isabelle, not on our machines), and you tell us we should read the documentation. There is a disconnect between what you asked for, what you got from us, and how you reacted to it.

I am not sure what I've actually got.

Is there a problem for seasoned OS X users to guess how jEdit dockables are moved around? This is a plain question, not a rhetoric one. (I am not a seasoned OS X user, although I am occasionally running it for 10 years.)

The point of the default arrangement is to make it work out-of-the box for most users, beginners and experts alike. It is the result of the past 3 years looking closely what beginners and experts have, or could have.


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