Re: [isabelle] Dockable panels

I tried leave the old habits of the 2 buffer approach behind me and adopt a new layout. I tried to create the following layout but failed to place several panels always visibly docked at the right, is this possible? I don't like having to switch between tabs.

       |   sidekick
 main  |---------------
       |  sledgehammer
 state |  output

Am 19.01.16 um 16:50 schrieb bnord:
Am 19.01.16 um 16:21 schrieb Lawrence Paulson:
I would say itâs not about how to move things around, but how the defaults should be, especially since State is a new panel. As others have noted, putting it at the bottom has a number of advantages, and I canât see any advantages of putting it at the right. The out-of-the-box defaults are pretty good, I think they could be even better.

Even though I highly prefer having the state output at the bottom due to the previously stated reasons I would maybe consider not having it the default for the following reason:
For beginners visibility is more important than comfort.

In the current (2015) default setting the output panel is conflicting with the Sledgehammer panel. I have observed students (which in my experience sadly rely a lot on sledgehammer) become oblivious of the proof state and try to create proofs by just typing in stuff and running sledgehammer. They get completely lost when you tell them to look at their proof state to and try to understand why things don't work.

If the horizontal alignment helps to have all panels visible at all times I'm in favour of having this the default as non-beginners can still change this to their desire. If the same can be achieved with the vertical alignment I'm in favour of this because it's more comfortable and puts the most important panel (IMHO) at the most prominent place.


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