Re: [isabelle] Dockable panels

On Tue, 19 Jan 2016, bnord wrote:

I tried leave the old habits of the 2 buffer approach behind me and adopt a new layout. I tried to create the following layout but failed to place several panels always visibly docked at the right, is this possible? I don't like having to switch between tabs.

      |    sidekick
 main  |---------------
      |   sledgehammer
 state |  output

No, that is actually an FAQ on this mailing list. The default Dockable Window Manager only allows one active dockbale per docking area.

Internally, there is a more generic "service" interface, to plug-in different dockable window managers; this was done once with the MyDoggy plugin. Both MyDoggyPlugin and the original MyDoggy project are inactive, though.

There should be more modern and active docking frameworks on the free Java/Swing market, but it requires some time to look around, and then more time to make it work as a usable jEdit plugin.

Such a project could be done by any Java Swing enthusiast, and submitted to the jEdit project at Sourceforge. It would be a great step forwards.


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