Re: [isabelle] Dockable panels

If I put two panels side-by-side on my laptop, my aging eyes are too
feeble to be able read the contents.  So mine is another vote for a
horizontal Output panel.

It would be very helpful if an undocked Output panel could be made so
that it is not "always on top".  Is this possible (on Ubuntu/Unity)?
I didn't see how to do it, but if I could do it I would arrange the
windows to be overlapping and I would raise and lower the one I want
to see.

						- Gene Stark

On 01/19/2016 07:46 AM, Makarius wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Jan 2016, Lawrence Paulson wrote:
>> I am thinking of my laptop, which I use for most proofs. It is a 15 inch MacBook Pro. The screen is big enough for a
>> substantial main window and a column on the right, perfect for panels such as Documentation, Sidekick, Theories and
>> the ever-useful Timing.
>> With the latest models, the screen has very high resolution, but one canât read microscopic fonts. Laptops are still
>> widely used, I think.
> We are back to field one of the game.
> The most widely used Laptops (for more than 3 years) have a 16x9 TV screen.  The lines for that are far too wide for
> text, although people sometimes mistake the TV format to produce unreadable 250 characters per line.
> When used properly, a 16x9 display consists of two full-width text displays side by side. This explains the position of
> the proof state panel (and other important "dynamic" panels like "Theories" or "Timing").
> Nobody is forced to use that default.  It is just for people who don't look closely by themselves.
> Changing these things is rather trivial, and actually explained in the Isabelle/jEdit manual (with an explicit reference
> to the jEdit documentation).
> Now we are back to the more fundamental question if anybody reads documentation at all. There should probably be also a
> video presentation.
>     Makarius

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