Re: [isabelle] Dockable panels

On Tue, 19 Jan 2016, Eugene W. Stark wrote:

It would be very helpful if an undocked Output panel could be made so that it is not "always on top". Is this possible (on Ubuntu/Unity)? I didn't see how to do it, but if I could do it I would arrange the windows to be overlapping and I would raise and lower the one I want to see.

There is a hardwired policy in Java/AWT, which is implicitly exposed by the classes JFrame vs. JDialog. An application has to make a choice which one to use. I've made that choice for JDialog some years ago, when it became apparent that JFrame can lead to situations where windows become inaccessible on certain platforms with certain window managers, especially with full-screen mode.

So with a choice between slightly inconvenient window stacking versus inoperable windows, I've taken the slight inconvenience.

To really solve that problem, one probably needs to avoid AWT, and go for JavaFX. That might actually work, because FX allows to integrate AWT/Swing panels within its GUI containers, but I have no experience with that.


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