Re: [isabelle] RC1 - Greyout

Hi all,

Sorry, this was a false alarm. The thing was stuck at an error on an invalid theory path quite early in the dependencies. The error was displayed as a small red bar in the theories panel, but I simply overlooked it ...

Is there another view that is more suitable to spot errors in big projects with dozens or even hundreds of theories?


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Betreff: [isabelle] RC1 - Greyout
Von: Peter Lammich
An: isabelle-users

First experience with RC1, in the default configuration:

The thing went in a greyout very quickly, on a relatively small project
(approx. 50 files), and the greyout did not recover within reasonable

Essentially, it was only loading $AFP/{Show,Native_Word,Deriving},
before it greyed out.

I'm now trying to copy some settings from Isabelle2015, always
forgetting and having to grab the mail archives to remember what the
crucial settings are, and how they have to be applied.


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