Re: [isabelle] Funny font metrics in the Search and Replace dialog [Isabelle2016-RC2]

On Thu, 28 Jan 2016, Clemens Ballarin wrote:

They give the same font:

scala> view.getTextArea.getPainter.getFont
res0: java.awt.Font = java.awt.Font[family=IsabelleText,name=IsabelleText,style=plain,size=14]

scala> javax.swing.UIManager.getDefaults().get("TextArea.font")
res1: Object = java.awt.Font[family=IsabelleText,name=IsabelleText,style=plain,size=14]

Does that also produce the same font?

  (new javax.swing.JTextArea).getFont

Another source of problem could be the Retina display: I don't have that and can't test it.

If I choose some other font for the text area (such as Courier) that get's displayed both in the main text area and the search dialog. Now the only thing special about IsabelleText (that I can imagine) that its not installed in the system. It tried to verify this but FontBook cannot open *.sfd files, so I couldn't install them...

The .sfd files are the sources for fontforge. The TrueType fonts are Isabelle2016-RC2/contrib/isabelle_fonts-20160102

As a test it is fine to install them on the system, but don't forget to remove them later.

There could be also something wrong with the generated .ttf fonts by fontforge: it has many parameters, and some could be wrong for Mac OS X with Retina.


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