Re: [isabelle] Funny font metrics in the Search and Replace dialog [Isabelle2016-RC2]

On 29 January, 2016 13:40 CET, Makarius <makarius at> wrote:

> > scala> view.getTextArea.getPainter.getFont
> > res0: java.awt.Font = java.awt.Font[family=IsabelleText,name=IsabelleText,style=plain,size=14]
> >
> > scala> javax.swing.UIManager.getDefaults().get("TextArea.font")
> > res1: Object = java.awt.Font[family=IsabelleText,name=IsabelleText,style=plain,size=14]
> Does that also produce the same font?
>    (new javax.swing.JTextArea).getFont

It does:

scala> (new javax.swing.JTextArea).getFont

res0: java.awt.Font = java.awt.Font[family=IsabelleText,name=IsabelleText,style=plain,size=14]

> There could be also something wrong with the generated .ttf fonts by 
> fontforge: it has many parameters, and some could be wrong for Mac OS X
> with Retina.

If I install IsabelleText I'm warned about a minor issue and asked to proceed with caution (see attached screenshot and report).  But installing changes the behaviour of Isabelle in two ways:

* Text in main window is narrower
* Metrics in search dialog is correct

See the other two screenshots for an impression.


PNG image

PNG image

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