Re: [isabelle] MacOS and Isabelle2016

On 29/06/16 16:02, Alexandre Rademaker wrote:
> It looks like the Isabelle2016.dmg has some problems with access rights. After the installation, once I clicked in the the system replied with a message 'The application is damaged'.

I am responsible for the dmg/app bundling (since approx. 2009), but I
have never heard of such a problem before. The normal situation is that
Apple's default security settings reject our unsigned application.

Most people somehow manage to figure out that a right click or left
click with CONTROL is required to popup the application menu and "Open"
the program there.

> $ cd /Applications
> $ sudo xattr -rc
> Following suggestion.

I wonder if this trick is related to security settings at all (Apple
GateKeeper) or something else. Maybe file attributes somehow got lost
when unpacking the dmg.

Do you have anything special in your OS X installation? Maybe a
non-standard file-system.

Which version of OS X is it anyway?


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