Re: [isabelle] Inequality assumption

Dear Omar,

In Isabelle/HOL, we are having a definition that x/0=0:

assumes inverse_zero [simp]: "inverse 0 = 0"

in this case, divide_right_mono holds as a/0 = b/0 = 0, but whether this makes sense to mathematician is another question...


On 2016-07-05 16:22, Omar Jasim wrote:
Dear list,

I've seen this lemma in Fields theory:

lemma divide_right_mono:
     "[|a â b; 0 â c|] ==> a/c â b/c"
by (force simp add: divide_strict_right_mono le_less)

here 0 â c which I think it should be 0 < c as the division cann't done for


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