Re: [isabelle] using a remote server behind Isabelle/jEdit

On 12/07/16 12:34, Lars Hupel wrote:
>> An option would be to share the jEdit window via X-Windows, does anybody use
>> it smoothly?
> I did that some years ago (when Isabelle/jEdit was new) and it is
> borderline usable (if you're connected locally via Ethernet to a
> server). If you connect via WiFi and/or to a remote server somewhere on
> the Internet, the system becomes sluggish.

This is an ancient problem of both X11 and Java/AWT for X11. It never
really worked well in the past decades, and today with heavy GUI
painting it is unusable.

What does work to some extent is RDP, i.e. the MS desktop sharing
protocol. I am using it routinely with a remote Windows 2008 server,
even going through rdesktop and X11 again.


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