Re: [isabelle] using oops in document preparation

Hi Gergely,

You can only generate documents from theories in which no errors occur during processing. Failed proof attempts in the documentation mean that you start a proof and decide to abort it, but all the proof steps before the oops must succeed.

If you want to print failing proof attempts in the document, too, you need a bit more of cheating. You can make every proof method succeed by adding "?". So

  lemma "~ False"
  proof (simp only: )(*<*)?(*>*) (*<*) oops (*>*)

should do the job.

Hope this helps,

On 12/07/16 09:29, Gergely Buday wrote:

I have

lemma "¬ False"

proof (simp only:  ) (*<*) oops  (*>*)

which leads to the

    Failed to apply initial proof method

error message in the interactive development.

oops recovers from the error and I can write other theorem statements.

The Isabelle/Isar reference manual writes:

A typical application of oops is to explain Isar proofs within the system

in conjunction with the document preparation tools of Isabelle described in

chapter 4. Thus partial or even wrong proof attempts can be discussed in a

logically sound manner. Note that the Isabelle LaTeX macros can be easily

adapted to print something like "..." instead of the keyword "oops".

When I use

    isabelle build -D .

I get the same error as above and no output is produced.

I tried -o quick_and_dirty but in vain.

How can I include failed proof attempts into a proof document?

I use Isabelle2016.

- Gergely

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