Re: [isabelle] Clone detection for Isabelle theories


Quoting out of context, on purpose:

> ... Isar is very much like Perl.

Great! Use this for advertising.
Should open up a whole new population of users ...

User-defined syntax is perhaps
more a matter of readability
(I guess it's mostly about operator precedences,
and a few special forms - unless you actively abuse it).
But code injection really scares me.

Mind you, Haskell is scary too, because I can do

{-# language TemplateHaskell #-}
import Language.Haskell.TH
$(runIO (print 42) >> return [])
main = return ()

which will do IO during compilation.

But that needs the language pragma to be present
(at the start of the file)
and I can call ghc (the compiler) with "-XSafe"
and it will reject such code outright.

This "safe Haskell" is a recent addition
to the language (well, to GHC actually).

I wonder why Isabelle plans to abandon
its "safe" flag (as Lars mentioned in

Best regards, Johannes.

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