Re: [isabelle] Report from our Isabelle course


>  * Some suggested that it would be nice to have the documentation
>    available as a website, and not just PDFs. Websites have the
>    advantage that they are searchable by Google & co, easily linkable,
>    and generally more accessible than the somewhat rigid PDF format.
>     I think this is a worthwhile suggestion and one that might be
>     doable, at least if the TeX code producing the PDF documentation is
>     structured well enough to be fed to one of the TeX-to-HTML-
>     conversion tools.

yes, I also think that'd be great to have. Quite a while ago I tried the
various tools floating around the web but none of them worked well. (Not
sure whether the situation has changed.) I got the impression that it
might be better to produce HTML directly (given that we already have
"browser_info" files).


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