Re: [isabelle] Plugin error with Isabelle-2016

Hi Makarius,

> Does "intermittently" mean that the failure happens every time you start
> Isabelle/jEdit, or only sometimes?

I'd estimate one in every twenty Isabelle starts suffers from this
problem on my machine.  So, not every time I start Isabelle, but often
enough for it to start becoming a pain.  Further, I have also
witnessed this same problem on another machine, when Isabelle was
started inside a Docker container.

> You need to make sure that files are loaded with the encoding
> UTF-8-Isabelle (see the menu File / Reload with Encoding).
> This encoding is provided by the Isabelle plugin of jEdit, so without
> the plugin editor falls back on something else and makes that persistent
> for next time.

Thanks, this fixed the problem with my file not having symbols replaced.


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