Re: [isabelle] Plugin error with Isabelle-2016

On 26/07/16 11:48, Dominic Mulligan via Cl-isabelle-users wrote:
> Hi Eugene, Hans-Joerg,
>> Could it be that the failures you are seeing are the result of abnormal
>> shutdowns of the immediately preceding sessions?
> It may very well be, though I admit I haven't been paying enough
> attention to confirm one way or the other!  Hans-Joerg's e-mail seems
> to suggest that this is a likely cause, however.

Studying all mails on this thread again, I am unsure if the problems are
necessarily related.

The general situation is that Isabelle application startup needs to load
and warm-up many jars. If anything goes wrong, e.g. due to network
file-system errors, bad things might happen.

I am not really an expert on the JVM, even after almost 10 years of
using it routinely. jEdit has its own tricks for class loading, but this
is only for the topmost plugin container, not the underlying Scala
libraries -- these are loaded before jedit.jar itself.

To rule out accidental problems with a particular JVM version, I've made
the following alternative application bundles of Isabelle2016 with old
but stable jdk-7u80 and newly updated jdk-8u102:

After the summer, we will be heading again towards the next Isabelle
release (before the end of the year).

It would be nice if known JVM instabilities are clearly isolated and
eliminated until then.


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