Re: [isabelle] SAT solver problem

Dear Omar,

First, sorry for the duplicate email. My email client seems to be confused due to all the wifi connections/disconnections.

> On 02.06.2016, at 16:23, Omar Jasim <oajasim1 at> wrote:
> I tried this before for the same lemma (lemma "P â Q ") and the result was:
> [failure]

> --------------------
> So it seems that just for SAT4J and SAT4J_Light it working correctly but for the rest it not working properly!. 

SAT4J and SAT4J_Light do not rely on JNI, which is a technology for running binaries, which is always a risky undertaking. I suspect the issue is simply that you are using 64-bit Windows, and for all I know you might be the first user of Nitpick to do so. If you want to debug this further, I suggest we try a debugging session together (e.g. via Skype). Please let me know privately and we can set a time.



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