Re: [isabelle] Fwd: Executing 2 Isabelle-2016 or even 2 Jedit processes on Windows

On 07/06/16 23:27, Nemouchi Yakoub wrote:
> When i try to execute Isabelle-2016 twice, Windows print the following
> error:
>      "Windows can not access to the specified file. You don't have
> the permissions
> to access this element."

In principle, Isabelle2016.exe should be a single-instance desktop
application: when you open it again, it merely reactivates the already
open program as usual. Of course, there can be always technical problems
to prevent this.

* What exactly is your Windows version?

* What happens when you start Isabelle2016.exe first, and after waiting
a bit, run "isabelle jedit_client" in the Cygwin-Terminal?

With "isabelle jedit" on the command line, it should be possible to run
several jEdit processes, but they can still get into problems when
properties are changed (one or the other version might get lost).


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