Re: [isabelle] Operator with Pair sets


from your description its not clear what the operator should do.
But if you know the type signature (or parts of it), you can use the
query panel (find constants) to search for constants that match your
type signature.

The query "_*_ set" yields too many results for me, but maybe you can
refine it, e.g. "_*_ set -> <whatsoever>"


On Do, 2016-06-16 at 09:38 +0100, Omar Jasim wrote:
> Deat list,
> I want to ask if there is a theory state that there is an operator map from
> pair set ('a x 'b set) to another pair set ('cx'd set) or I should define
> it? if there are such related theories please could you give me their names.
> Regards
> Omar

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