[isabelle] Strange behaviour of Isabelle (Polyml) on Windows 8.1

Dear all,

I observed a strange behaviour related to polyml and Isabelle-2016 on
Windows 8.1.
The memory allocate and memory free process is
weird on Windows 8.1.
When i open the session (see the 2 attached screenshots),
Isabelle allocate memory until the system run out of resources and my OS
Something that never happened on my other machine with Wndows 7 and
 with the same theories session.
I have also to notice that i did not have this behaviour on Isabelle-2013,
i was able to work on the same session without problems.

Machine characteristics:

Processor: i5-4200U @1.60 GHz 2.60GHz.

Memory: 4,00 Go.

OS: 64 bits, processor x64.



[image: Images intÃgrÃes 1][image: Images intÃgrÃes 2]

JPEG image

JPEG image

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