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Postdoc Position on Formal Verification on Security
Nanyang Technological University/
Prof. Liu Yang

Highly motivated applicants are being sought to work on developing and applying
verification techniques for infinite state systems in the project "Securify:
A Compositional Approach of Building Security Verified System".
The position aims to carry out cyber-security research on micro-kernel verification targetting a
multicore processor architecture.

The group is working on:
  -Formalization of a high level specification of a multi-core separation micro-kernel.
  -Verification of functional and security properties on the high level specification.
  -Development of semantic models and tools to obtain formal models from a real micro-kernel source code.
  -Development of a framework in Isabelle/HOL for refinement verification of concurrent specifications.
  -Development of tools in ML to automate refinement between machine code and source code models.

The applicant will contribute to the project working on any of the tasks described above.

Candidates must be experienced on one or more of the following areas:
      - Formal methods, theorem proving.
      - Temporal logics, Higher order logic.
      - Functional programming.

Experience on operating systems will be appreciated

Apart from specific requirements to the topic a general candidate should have:
- A PhD in Computer Science or related areas is required.
- An established research record.

 The postdoc will work with the software engineering and formal
methods group at Nanyang Technological University using theorem proving technologies.

The position involves conducting basic research, developing tools,  working
as part of a research team, travelling, and giving presentations. The
working language is English.

Attractive Salary. Starting as soon as possible.
Duration is of 1 year extensible to 3 years maximum.

Interested applicants should send their CV to
Prof. Liu Yang at yangliu AT ntu.edu.sg
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