Re: [isabelle] Cannot copy from output panel in Isabelle 2016?

On Sat, 12 Mar 2016, Dominic Mulligan via Cl-isabelle-users wrote:

Indeed, I am using the standard Unity setup in Ubuntu, though I use the GDK look and feel within Isabelle/jEdit. My experience differs slightly from Eugene however in that I cannot reliably copy from the output pane using Ctrl+C, or rather I have to press Ctrl+C multiple times to ensure that whatever I select is really copied to the clipboard.

I have experimented with the GTK look-and-feel a bit on Ubuntu 14.04, and still don't see any problems.

From the description, it could be also a problem caused by some X11 input
method. The Isabelle/jEdit says in the last chapter:

  â ââProblem:â Some Linux/X11 input methods such as IBus tend to
  disrupt key event handling of Java/AWT/Swing.

  ââWorkaround:â Do not use X11 input methods. Note that environment
  variable ââXMODIFIERSâ is reset by default within Isabelle settings

That text was written for Fedora Linux some years ago. The situation might be slightly differently in Ubuntu, if special input methods are enabled.

Another potential source of problems is the Java version: Isabelle2015 uses Java 7, Isabelle2016 uses Java 8. In the bundled distribution, it is located in contrib/jdk. You can rename Isabelle2016/contrib/jdk/x86_64-linux to get it out of the way and put Isabelle2015/contrib/jdk/x86_64-linux in its place (assuming this is 64bit Linux). It is important to keep the rest unchanged, notably the content of Isabelle2016/contrib/jdk/etc.


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