[isabelle] Fwd: Journal of Automated Reasoning, Vol. 56, Issue 3 - New Issue Alert

Please excuse this shameless plug of JAR, but many of the papers in this special issue really are outstanding. A couple of them have been published with open access: as for the others, Iâm certain that an email to the author will get you a copy.

Larry Paulson

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> 03/16/2016
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> Special Issue of Selected Extended Papers of ITP 2014
> In this issue
> Interactive Theorem Proving
> Gerwin Klein & Ruben Gamboa
> Â Abstract <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIm>   Â Full text PDF <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIn>
> On Definitions of Constants and Types in HOL
> Rob Arthan
> Â Abstract <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIo>   Â Full text PDF <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIp>
> Self-Formalisation of Higher-Order Logic
> Ramana Kumar, Rob Arthan, Magnus O. Myreen & Scott Owens
> Â Abstract <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIq>   Â Full text PDF <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIr>
> Eisbach: A Proof Method Language for Isabelle
> Daniel Matichuk, Toby Murray & Makarius Wenzel
> Â Abstract <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIs>   Â Full text PDF <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIt>
> Verified Abstract Interpretation Techniques for Disassembling Low-level Self-modifying Code
> Sandrine Blazy, Vincent Laporte & David Pichardie
> Â Abstract <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIu>   Â Full text PDF <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIv>
> Mechanizing a Process Algebra for Network Protocols
> Timothy Bourke, Robert J. van Glabbeek & Peter HÃfner
> Â Abstract <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIw>   Â Full text PDF <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIx>
> Completeness and Decidability Results for CTL in Constructive Type Theory
> Christian Doczkal & Gert Smolka
> Â Abstract <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIy>   Â Full text PDF <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteIz>
> A Heuristic Prover for Real Inequalities
> Jeremy Avigad, Robert Y. Lewis & Cody Roux
> Â Abstract <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteI10>   Â Full text PDF <http://alerts.springer.com/re?l=D0In60rxqI6ih7uteI11>
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