Re: [isabelle] Isabelle's environment and external executables

On 09/05/16 15:04, Moa Johansson wrote:

> I wonder if the best option for me is to just create one new environment variable in $ISABELLE_USER/etc/settings
> (e.g. HIPSPEC_HOME=$HOME/Library/Haskell/bin/)
> and then let my code refer to this path, instead of just the names of the executables, e.g. ./$HIPSPEC_HOME/hipster-hipspec.
> It would make the installation of my tool easier.

If you have users of your tool apart from yourself, the canonical
approach is to make a proper (self-contained) Isabelle component in just
one directory, and tell users to add a suitable "init_component" line to
their $ISABELLE_HOME_USERS/etc/settings or add the directory to

There are plenty of existing examples: more than half of the Isabelle
distribution consists of such components. They just happen to be shipped
by default.


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