Re: [isabelle] Isabelle/HOL 2005

On 17/05/16 21:10, Lawrence Paulson wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am reviewing a paper which includes an Isabelle/HOL 2005
> - How do I install Isabelle/HOL 2005 and use it to verify the
> formalization? My available platforms are OS X and Linux.
> Anonymous Reviewer

As a long-standing release manager of Isabelle, I want to take the
opportunity to point out some tautologies:

  * Only the latest Isabelle release is officially supported.

  * The last 2-3 Isabelle releases may still work without further ado,
and people are welcome to ask questions about them on this mailing list
(when they say explicitly which version they mean).

  * Much older Isabelle versions often do not work on current operating
systems. This is perfectly normal for a complex system that is merely
"archived" (according to the terminology on the Isabelle website), but
not actively maintained over time.

Note that companies like Oracle ask $$$ to continue particular Java
versions over more than 2 years, for customers who are incapable to get
onto release trains.


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