Re: [isabelle] Isabelle 2005 request

On 24/05/16 02:14, Rajeev Gore wrote:

> The file "settings" has to live in this directory:
> Isabelle2005/etc/
> For me, the fixed script still causes a segmentation fault. 

We are back to the running gag on this mailing list: inappropriate use
of the word "fixed".

The situation: some archeological Isabelle version is put into a current
operating system context. After more than a decade, it is to be expected
that certain things no longer work.  This is not a problem of that
Isabelle version, but of the OS context (or the user expecting it to
work without continued maintenance).

The canonical solution (invented by IBM in the 1960/1970s): set up a
virtual machine that runs some Linux version from 2004/2005 (e.g. SuSE).
Everything should work out of the box, just as in 2005 when Isabelle2005
was published.


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