[isabelle] Isabelle2016-1-RC1 processing theories twice

Hello List,

I have noticed that when Isabelle processes many files, it first run through some of them and then process the same theories again.

Steps to reproduce:
Run isabelle such that it loads some theories, e.g.:
   isabelle jedit -l Pure src/HOL/List.thy

Wait until all of the theories are processed. 

Scroll in the buffer List.

Isabelle/jEdit first starts processing List and then restarts processing the buffers from the beginning.

Instead of waiting that all theories are processed, one can also do some random clicking in the List buffer.

The described reprocessing of the files is done only once. It appears on both macOS (running Sierra) and Linux (archlinux, so another unsupported OSâ).

Is there anyway to give more informations?


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