Re: [isabelle] size setup for HOL/Library/Finite_Map (fmap)

Hi Pete,

You need a function size_fmap that takes a size function for every type argument, even the dead ones. So it should have the type

  ('a => nat) => ('b => nat) => ('a, 'b) fmap => nat

Typically, the instantiation for the type class then puts "%_. 0" for the arguments.

Hope this helps,

On 10/08/17 14:22, Peter Gammie wrote:
Dear BNF experts,

The `size` function for `fmap` in HOL/Library/Finite_Map in Isabelle2016-1 seems sub-optimal: it appears to ignore the sizes of the things in the map.

I tried implementing this using the approach taken in FSet and Multiset, but the `fmap` constructor is binary and Iâm not sure what shape the theorems should be (specifically the final one that composes size functions somehow).



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