[isabelle] Qualified theory imports and isabelle jedit -l â -R â

Dear all,

when inspecting a Âbroken session (let as assume, HOL-Number_Theory), I
used to invoke

> isabelle jedit -l HOL-Number_Theory -R ../Number_Theory/Number_Theory.thy
and everything worked out smoothly.

With qualified theory imports emerged in future Isabelle2017, this is no
longer the case: theory ÂResidues chokes on imports from HOL-Algebra.

Inspecting the corresponding session entry in src/HOL/ROOT:

> session "HOL-Number_Theory" (timing) in Number_Theory = "HOL-Computational_Algebra" +
>   â
>   sessions
>     "HOL-Algebra"
>   â

it seems to be the case that -R operates on the direct ancestor session
HOL-Computational_Algebra but not on the Âside path HOL-Algebra.

Is that intended? I have the feeling that the current behaviour would
diminish the usability of -R considerably.



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