Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2017-RC0 requires read/write installation

More specifically, you can install lib32stdc++6 on Ubuntu (both 14.04 and 16.04 IIRC) and get just the required library.


On 30 August 2017 21:20:56 CEST, Makarius <makarius at> wrote:
>On 29/08/17 10:18, Dominique Unruh wrote:
>> If I perform the following steps:
>> * Install read-only in /opt
>> * Run /opt/Isabelle2017-RC0/Isabelle2017-RC0
>> Then I get the error (because the build process is invoked with -s, I
>> guess).
>> However, if I perform the following steps:
>> * Install read-only in /opt
>> * Run /opt/Isabelle2017-RC0/bin/isabelle jedit
>> Then building proceeds (with heaps in ~/.isabelle)
>> Thus the two ways of invoking jEdit have different defaults, which is
>> confusing, I think.
>> (Also, I couldn't find documentation for the
>> /opt/Isabelle2017-RC0/Isabelle2017-RC0 executable to see what the
>> defaults are.)
>The latter is occasionally called "main Isabelle desktop application",
>but not documented further. It is the first thing that most users
>encounter and usually run on the spot. Thus the default logic image
>become part of the application directory (due to the implicit -s option
>that is only documented as part of "isabelle jedit" in the "jedit"
>manual, "isabelle build" in the "system manual).
>Very few people ever notice these fine points, which is an indication
>that it usually works without further ado.
>The extra aspect of read-only installation in a system directory has
>always been morally supported, but is seen extremely rarely these days,
>and system administrators usually get it wrong one way or the other.
>Maybe I should write a note how to do it in the manual, so that I can
>point to that next time.
>>> Another note: I see polyml-5.6_x86_64-linux above, but for most
>>> practical purposes the x86-linux version performs better. You merely
>>> need to ensure that the 32-bit C/C++ standard libraries are
>> I installed the package "libc6-i386" in Ubuntu 17.04. (Via the normal
>> "sudo apt install libc6-i386".) Isabelle still uses x64 by default.
>On Ubuntu the relevant library packages contain the name "multilib",
>e.g. "g++-multilib" or "g++5-multilib". I never know which ones are
>really required (this is also changing over the years), but merely
>install some of them at will until the 32bit "poly" executable works.
>	Makarius

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