[isabelle] Isabelle guide for mathematicians

Hello everyone,

Attached is a short guide intended to introduce Isabelle to mathematicians
or more generally people with a mathematical rather than computer science
background. The guide was written by myself (Alexander Hicks) and JosÃ
Siqueira (CC'd). Both of us completed an MASt in Mathematics at Cambridge
and worked with Isabelle over the summer at the Cambridge Computer
Laboratory. We decided to write this guide as the existing content we found
was mostly written by and geared towards computer scientists.
I've attached a pdf copy of the guide, I've also uploaded it to a github
page: https://github.com/alexanderlhicks/IsabelleGuide so there is a
permanent link to it. Feel free to host it and distribute it as you like.
Hopefully so of you will find it useful or interesting.
Note that neither Josà or I are currently (or will be in the near future)
doing work related to Isabelle so there are no current plans to keep this
updated with new Isabelle releases and so on. If you find mistakes or have
comments, we will both be happy to amend the current version as time allows
(so it could take a while). I think we would also both be fine with someone
building on top of this if they wish, we still have the tex file.


Attachment: Isabelle_Guide.pdf
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