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Dear Scott,

To address a broader question than the one you asked, you might like Mark
Adam's proof auditing paper, if you've not seen it:


It looks at ways in which theorem provers might provide false assurances
(even in the absence of smuggled 'sorry' statements).



Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2017 09:37:14 -0700
From: scott constable <sdconsta at syr.edu>
Subject: [isabelle] Verify the legitimacy of a proof?
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Hi All,

Let's suppose I have some lemma

lemma ComplexProperty: "something interesting"

whose proof cites numerous other lemmas in other .thy files, possibly
written by other persons with malicious intentions. Is there a command in
Isabelle which I could use to determine the legitimacy of the entire proof
tree of ComplexProperty? That is, I want to ensure that no lemma in the
proof tree ended with "sorry", or if any axioms were used, I want to know
which ones, etc.


Scott Constable

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