[isabelle] new acmart.cls file and Isabelle

Iâd like to use Isabelle-generated LaTeX with the new
ACM SIGPLAN latex class file, but Iâve run into a couple


I changed the first line of root.tex to:


I first tried to generate the PDF in a document without any
theories. But got this error:

  ! LaTeX Error: Option clash for package hyperref.

To see if I could get further along, I commented out
 in my root.tex

After that I was able to generate a pdf from a document with no theories.

I then added the Scratch theory to ROOT but then ran into a second problem:

(./session.tex (./Scratch.tex)
Runaway argument?
! File ended while scanning use of \next.
<inserted text>
l.1 \input{Scratch.tex}

At which point I was in over my head and stuck.
(The problem might be due to conflicts regarding the âcommentâ
packages used in Isabelle and in acmart.cls.)

Any help would be appreciated!


Jeremy G. Siek    <jsiek at indiana.edu<mailto:jsiek at indiana.edu>>
Associate Professor
School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University Bloomington

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