[isabelle] Postdoc and Ph.D. Positions in Security & Concurrency with Formal Methods

The Chair MAIS at TU Darmstadt, led by Heiko Mantel, is offering
multiple Postdoc and Ph.D. positions.  We are looking for
researchers who are interested in addressing foundational problems
that will be of practical relevance or in addressing practical
problems based on formal methods.  The research focus shall be on
software security, concurrency, or their combination.

The research focus shall be on one of the following topics:
- modular reasoning about information-flow security
- sound program analysis under relaxed consistency guarantees
- sound re-engineering of code for more parallelism
- definition of security requirements and security policy languages

Your research shall be based on solid theoretical foundations and
could result, e.g., in foundational insights, in program analysis
and transformation techniques, in tools that are reliable and
efficient, in instructive case studies, or in verified critical
software systems.

For more information about the positions, about the four research
topics and about how to apply, see
http://www.mais.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/Positions.html .

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