Re: [isabelle] isar in PIDE : strange behavior

On 03/03/17 15:26, Michel via Cl-isabelle-users wrote:
> Thank you really much for your examples.  I try to write basic proofs if
> it possible without automation and with your suggestion it was possible.
> I have written a software <> (a long
> time ago) to produce proof in natural deduction.
> This software was originally written in Prolog by Robert StÃrk, who was
> assistant at ETH ZÃrich. I try to see if the proofs given by this
> software can be translated in Isar. That is the origin of my questions
> on Isar.

Here is more exercise material based on the above website. It uses
Isabelle/Pure directly, without the huge Isabelle/HOL library.  Thus it
is really confined to single-step structure proofs in Isar. Moreover,
classical logic is not assumed globally, but confined to a separate
locale context (in contrast, most Isabelle/HOL tools use classical logic

As Peter has already pointed out before, these proofs are a bit atypical
for practical Isar: there is a fine art to write rule statements in open
form, without too many auxiliary logical connectives getting in between.
This is occasionally called "logic-free reasoning".


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