Re: [isabelle] Calling Isabelle tools without exiting

> That is particularly slow, because the full Scala compiler needs to make
> a cold start.

Right. I don't know whether I have mentioned this before or not, but
<> is a prime candidate to avoid
such problems.

>   * Isolate general tool functionality and move that to the
> Isabelle/Pure.jar (after the usual process of "change elimination" to
> trim it down to the very core).

Possibly. Feel free to have a look at "$AFP_BASE/tools" for what is
happening there.

>   * Maintain an external tool-specific jar (e.g. via "isabelle scalac")
> and add the result to the Isabelle classpath in the etc/settings of the
> tool component directory. The Bash function "classpath" does that
> properly; the only problem is to build the jar on the spot. Maybe the
> build process is better done offline.

I just tried doing that out of curiosity, but it seems that "$JAVA_HOME"
is not set in "etc/settings"; consequently, "isabelle_scala scalac"
fails. I'm not yet sure whether I'm doing something wrong there.


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