[isabelle] Isabelle Docker image

Dear Isabelle users,

the new Isabelle2017 distribution provides a Docker image via the Docker
Hub repository https://hub.docker.com/r/makarius/isabelle

The Docker image contains Ubuntu Linux with Isabelle2017. It can be
used, e.g. on another Linux host like this:

  docker pull makarius/isabelle:Isabelle2017

  docker run makarius/isabelle:Isabelle2017

That provides command-line access to the regular isabelle tool wrapper,
with indirection through the Docker container infrastructure.

The image already contains ML heaps for Isabelle/Pure and Isabelle/HOL.
Here is an example to build more:

  docker run makarius/isabelle:Isabelle2017 -s -b HOL-Library

Note that Docker is mainly for command-line tools on the "Cloud". There
is presently no Isabelle Prover IDE support, although very old-fashioned
X11 connections can be made to work with extra tinkering.


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