Re: [isabelle] Code-Export: SML value restriction problem?

Hi Peter,

Your feeling is right, this is an instance of the value restriction problem.

SOME (fn x => ...) is a syntactic value, so the declaration

val bar = SOME (fn x => ...)

is valid because syntactic values may be polymorphic. Conversely,

SOME (SOME o Product_Type.fst)

is not a syntactic value, so ML chokes upon the polymorphism.


On 27/10/17 04:21, Peter Lammich wrote:
Hi, I ran into the following problem, where a code generation to SML
produces invalid SML code:

theory Scratch
imports Main
definition "foo â Some (Some o fst)" export_code foo checking SML
 Â (*** ROOT.ML:7: error: Type ('a * 'b -> 'a option) option includes a
free type variable *)

When, however, unfolding the function composition, everything works

definition "bar â Some (Îx. Some (fst x))"
export_code bar checking SML
 Â (* No error *)

What happened here? Is this a bug in the code generator, or a known
 Â Peter

p.s. The generated Scala code is valid in both cases.

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