Re: [isabelle] ... finalement montrer False by blast

On 10/02/18 13:56, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> Funny how the Italian translation confuses blast with the explosion
> principle (ex falso quodlibet).
>> I also like the ultimate conclusion in Italian better: "infine mostrare
>> Falso da esplosione".

Feeding that back into the translation service leads this chain:

Isar: ultimately show False by blast
to Italian: infine mostrare Falso da esplosione
to German: Endlich mal falsch zeigen durch Explosion
to English: Finally sometimes false pointing by explosion

I must admit that the style of the machine translation has improved in
the past 10 years, but the old jokes from 20 years ago still work. Still
no "game changing" technology to be seen here ...


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