Re: [isabelle] defining keywords

On 15/06/18 10:09, Walther Neuper wrote:
> theory Xxxxx imports Pure
> keywords "yyyyy" :: prf_open
> begin
> ML \<open>
>   @{keyword "("} : string parser; (* this works as expected *)
>   val _ =
>     Outer_Syntax.command @{command_keyword yyyyy} "dummy definition yyyyy"
>       (Scan.succeed (Toplevel.proof Proof.begin_block));
>   @{keyword "yyyyy"};             (*ERROR Bad outer syntax keyword "yyyyy"*)
> \<close>
> end 

The @{keyword} antiquotation refers to "minor keywords", but "yyyyy"
above is a "major keyword" for commands, see also Keyword.is_keyword vs.

Isar command parsers will never see command keywords in their input
stream, because command spans are managed by the system: the next
command keyword starts a new span.

See also my recent paper about "Isabelle/jEdit as Formal IDE"
on page 4 about "Commands":

Any command is free to define its own concrete syntax, within the token
language of outer syntax of Isabelle theories, but excluding the
keywords of other commands.


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