[isabelle] Isabelle2018-RC0 sometimes sluggish behavior of JEdit

I am currently experiencing the following with Isabelle2018-RC0, but it has occurred
also with previous versions.  The issue is that sometimes during a work session, JEdit
will become quite sluggish in responding to my typein, which becomes tedious and forces
me to exit and restart.

A possible explanation just occurred to me.  I sometimes open a new "Plain View"
to examine one part of the code while editing another in the main window.  If the
portion of the code shown in the new view is a bit beyond the portion being edited,
then due to continuous checking changes made in the main window force the re-checking
of the code up through the portion shown in the new view.  This is to be expected.
However, I am wondering right now if somehow when I "close" the extra view and go
back to working only with the main window, it is somehow the case that the extra view
is not deleted, but just becomes invisible and its presence is still causing the
extra checking to be done.  If so, that would explain the sluggish behavior.

I realized that I might be able to test this by turning off continuous checking to
see if that relieved the sluggish behavior, but in Isabelle2018-RC0 the "continuous'
checking" box is no longer where I remembered it to be and I don't know how to find
this option setting quickly now.

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